With sculpture, I think it is essential to find your own path, by listening to your own imagination, sensation and instinct. But for your own artistic expression to develop fully, it is first crucial to be trained to the technical bases and gestures of reference.

The Jules Verne workshop is a place to share and exchange, where I can teach you with both availability and rigor, meeting your expectations while respecting your rythme and singularity. I encourage you to develop your own vision while training your critical spirit.

• Through research and experimentation, I offer you key advices to enable your progress, to eventually become fully autonomous.

• It is about enriching your knowledge and go on a journey to discover modeling of clay thanks to free and imposed exercices to allow everyone to develop the shape of a mass through figurative, or not, research -experience the resistance of clay by pulling it, bending it, compressing it, etc.- animate a surface through pression, by pulling the motifs of the mass, by adding matter – research equilibrium in desequilibriums, voids, fulls, shape, etc.

• Whatever your level might be, I will guide you  throughout your apprentice by teaching you the basic technics of the work of clay, from the draft to the finalization (in the round, bas and haut relief), as well as the firing itself (hollowing-out technics).

• I wish to support each student on its own personal journey, either by structuring his esthetic analysis, or by helping automatizing their gestures.