My passion for clay: 

As a ceramic sculptor, I live and work for my art in Normandy and Paris. Both a choice and an opportunity to experiment and make unique discoveries. Each day, the magic of clay is present, for my greatest happiness. I feed myself from this wonderful experience. That is why, for the very first time, I open my Jules Verne workshop to make you experience the intensity, passion and research that are necessary to elaborate a piece, as well as the incredible satisfaction that one can get out of it.

Thanks to my personal approach and artistic professional training, I support and guide you in this unique adventure inspired by the joys of clay. I recommend you to dare play with the matter, search, try with no interruption and with no fear of making a mistake, until obtaining plastic and visual results that you will sometimes find particularly surprising. Together we will discover thousand of ways to make, create and see differently.

The magic of Raku

The oneiric dimension of the mystery that is the work of clay, fire, air and water fascinating me deeply. Rethinking the way we dream about clay. Making the invisible visible through material, texture and colors. To reach this goal, the magical raku technic was an obvious choice. I like this feeling of emergency during raku firing, where you literally have to play with fire, tame it, control it, but also submit yourself to it to give birth to my sculpture. Each time, I discover with an intense emotion the impact of the four elements on my creation. This is a unique kind of happiness that I wish to share with my students.

My universes rewarded 

Today, my sculptures in both earthenware and contemporary raku are being represented in a lot of different art galleries, biennials, fairs and contemporary art center, as well as museums both in France and abroad – Brazil, Russia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, China.

My creative work is characterized by several major thematics : “Les Pavés“ – “La Forêt imaginaire et enchantée“ («The Imaginary and Enchanted Forest »- “Les Culbutos” – “Les Moons“ – “Les Noli me tangere“ (« Don’t touch me »)- “Les Têtes de la décennie du O“ (« The O decade’s heads »). 

Recently, my work was rewarded during several major artistic events.

  • 2017 : Public award #PARISARTISTES for my Culbutos and the Sculpture prize awarded by the Friends of the Salon d’Automne of Paris for my « Moons ».
  • 2018 : Awardee for the Sculpture prize of the Commission of Exhibitions of the Taylor Foundation. The Imaginary and Enchanted Forest was shown at this event for the very first time.
  • 2019 : My culbutos are shown at the Art Museum for the Youth of the International Art City in XI’AN, China.

You can visit my artistic website to discover more about my creative exploration and my universes.