I have been living and feeding myself from ceramic sculpture for many years now. Today, I have the desire to share with you my passion for clay. That is why from now on, the Jules Vernes workshop welcomes you a few days per week to follow classes on modeling sculpture. Punctual sessions are specifically dedicated to ceramic.

The life of the Jules Verne workshop is shaped by a will for openness and exchanges, oriented towards paths and bridges between modeling sculpture and ceramic, where the interdisciplinary is a constant source of inspiration.

For classes about modeling sculpture just like classes on ceramic, specific gestures, ways and rules are recurring and shared when working the clay. It is always a long and passionating path to make and create a finalized sculpture. An endless exploration, that generates joys but also doubts and most importantly demands work and research.

Once your piece is over, it will be turn into a biscuit, waxed or worked to obtain a patina effect for a sculpture, or enamelled if it was made for ceramic.

  • With my know-how, my experience and my artistic vision, I can guide you throughout each of the exploration and experimentation phases, supporting you in developing and repeating the correct gestures and necessary technical skills.
  • Once the bases and fundamentals acquired, each student is invited to experiment and invent following his own imagination and developing personal technics and tricks to create his own universe, his own signature.
  • Always  from dialogue and discussion, topics will be proposed, but more often we will decide as a group of a project we want to undertake by assessing different criteria: technicality, difficulty, time, your own technical progression, relevance, if too ambitious or, on the contrary, too close to your comfort zone.
  • At the workshop, each and everyone can progress according to his own rythme and learn by experiencing the other students. Their motivation, tenacity, patience, rigor, exigence but also doubts, questions, mistakes will be truly inspirational throughout your discovery of clay. 
  • You will discover that an infinity of ways to work clay exists, and just as many to decorate and ornate your piece, from the very beginning of its fabrication.


« I don’t know where inspiration comes from, or what forms it can take, so I always keep my eyes wide open by fear of missing something. »

Allen Jones, painter and sculptor.

The Jules Vernes workshop is tremendous source of learning and inspiration. 

There isn’t a precise instrument or recipe for inspiration and creation, however I would say it is major to enable yourself to dare. You have to dig into your personal library, open your eyes, observe, discover, be curious, share, exchange, think, feed yourself from what surrounds you, try and finally start.

  • Before any projet I thus advice every student to undertake iconographic research to develop an in-depth understanding of the topic they wish to explore.
  • I invite you to observe more deeply, to take a look around you, look at the streets, posters, magazines, the internet, etc. Anything can be a source of inspiration for your next creation.