The weekly classes of modelling sculpture and ceramic

  • Adults and teenagers from 15 years old.
  • In a wonderful setting, with small group for a more personalized support.
  • 8 persons maximum.
  • Discover the basic technics to work clay, from the conceptualization to the finalization (work ‘in the rond’, low or high-relief) and the preparation of the firing (hollowing technics).
  • Suggestion of thematics and possibility to work on personal projects.
  • Training to the fundamental gestures and conception of a progressive path toward autonomy and sure and precise reflexes.
  • Punctual sessions on ceramic during modelling sculpture classes. You’ll be initiated to the spectrum of ceramic. Shaping, pinch pot, colombins, sgrafito, mishima, mocha tea, enamel, etc.


  • Monday and Tuesday: 9am to 12pm – 3pm to 6pm – 7pm to 10pm.
  • Wednesday : 9am to 12pm – 2pm to 5pm.
  • Hours include installation and cleaning time.

RATES (material and firing included)

  • Single class (3 hours): 40 € – 13,33€ per hour
  • 5 classes subscription: 190 € (5%)
  • 10 classes subscription: 360 € (10%)
  • 40 classes subscription: 1400 € (12,5%)

The independant workshops

  • Independent workshops are opened to advanced individuals that can work autonomously on complex technic of sculpting.
  • You work without my support in these workshops.


Similar to collective classes.

Hours include installation and cleaning time.

RATES (material and firing included):

  • Single class (3 hours): 35 €.
  • 5 classes subscription: 166 € (5%)
  • 10 classes subscription: 315 € (10%).
  • 40 classes subscription: 1225 € (12,5%)

To register, it’s easy

  • All classes demand registration, as there is a limited number of spots.
  • Please read carefully the internal rules of the Jules Verne workshop.
  • Download the registration form below. Mail your registration document signed along with  the deposit check.